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my name is Melina, baker and food photographer behind Sugary & Buttery.

Sugary & Buttery is all about family-friendly, easy baking recipes that are all made from scratch, fit a busy family schedule, and can impress any crowd – from birthday parties to holiday gatherings.

I started this blog in 2012 mainly for two reasons: to have a creative outlet for my baking-obsessed-always-need-to-make-something-and-be-creative self, and to share some of my recipes with friends and family. After my first post, I was surprised about the response I got and the number of clicks from people all over the world! I was amazed about how many people are actually interested in what I’m doing here. So, I keep on going and hope you join me on my kitchen adventures.

"Only a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen!"

Sugary & Buttery - Spiced Muscovado Chocolate Sheet Cake

Baking with kids

I believe that the process is part of the journey and baking is not just about serving up mouthwatering treats, it’s just as much about having fun in the kitchen. Which will be messy, yes, especially if you involve your kids, which is what I am all about. That is why I love to share simple recipes that are kid-friendly and allow you involve your kids, from toddler to teenager, because it is never too early or too late to HAVE FUN IN THE KITCHEN! 


If you would like to work with me and are interested in sponsored posts, product reviews, brand partnerships and other collaborations, let’s connect!

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